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ARDUINA is a craft beer from the city of Colón in the province of Entre Ríos, Argentina.
It is made with the best raw material, and the rich and distinctive local water, hence our name is that of the goddess of water.

The Challenges

ARDUINA Brewery partnered with us to create a brand that appeals in a striking and engaging way, and thus achieve a brand that differs from the rest of the local craft beers.
So the challenges for ARDUINA were:

  • Create a unique, short, easy-to-remember, read and write the brand name.
  • Design labels that can be distinguished at first sight.
  • Have a scalable brand architecture that allows new flavors and business divisions.

Our Approach

Our strategy was to play with the concept of “a different water taste" from that particular area, so we found that Arduina was the name of a goddess of forest and lakes in the Ardennes region in Belgium (which is the #1 country ranked in local beers).

Embracing this concept, we set out to create a brand identity that focuses on three points, freshness, emotional power, and texture. Using these ideas, we have developed a marketing strategy that communicates these concepts clearly and uniquely.

We reinforce the concept of CRAFT (Artesanal in Spanish) and wrote the county origin in a badge that always goes side by side with the brand name. Also, we divided the name into 3 syllables to further accentuate the way the brand is pronounced

“Since the moment we saw the logo with all the details on the goddess, we loved it!.
Every piece of marketing was designed with a specific purpose.”
Marcelo Enqiquez
Founder at ARDUINA Craft Beers
Arduina IPA Craft Beer Label Design
Arduina IPA Craft Beer Label Design