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About Collcluster

Is a social media platform, for later teenagers and early adults to share their skills and interests, with the possibility to network with other users in collaborative projects.
It started as a networking SaaS between user from Russia, USA and Argentina.

The Introduction

Collcluster, a social media platform, emerges as a vibrant hub for late teenagers and early adults, aspiring to showcase their skills and foster connections in collaborative projects. As the chosen design agency, Identibrand embarked on a mission to create an innovative user experience that encapsulates the spirit of collaboration and clustering. This case study illuminates the journey from conceptualization to execution.

  • Project Overview:
    Collcluster, the fusion of "Collaboration" and "Cluster," mirrors a social network akin to Facebook, centered around sharing feed content, portfolios, and facilitating networking in diverse projects.

  • Problem Statement:
    Addressing the need for a platform where users can seamlessly blend German roots with Texan lifestyles, Collcluster aims to be the go-to space for dynamic self-expression and professional collaboration.

  • Target Audience:
    Late teenagers and early adults seeking a platform to showcase their skills, network with peers, and engage in collaborative projects.

  • Roles and Responsibilities:
    Identibrand assumed the role of crafting the visual identity, user interface, and user experience for both desktop and mobile versions.

  • Scope and Constraints:
    The project unfolded within the constraints of a defined timeline and budget, challenging the design team to create a compelling solution efficiently.

The Process

  • Research:
    Identibrand initiated the design process with thorough research, encompassing topic-specific analysis, competitive research, and user feedback. This phase unearthed insights into user preferences, platform expectations, and design benchmarks.

  • User Persona & User Journey:
    With research insights in hand, Identibrand crafted detailed user personas and mapped user journeys, providing a foundation for the subsequent design decisions.

  • Site Map:
    Card sorting exercises informed the creation of a user-friendly site map, ensuring intuitive navigation and logical content organization.

  • Style Guide:
    Identibrand defined a cohesive style guide, harmonizing color palettes and typography to create a visually appealing and brand-consistent interface.

  • Final Prototype and Feature Description:
    The culmination of the design process resulted in a final prototype, seamlessly integrating Identibrand's UI/UX vision for Collcluster. Key features include a dynamic feed, portfolio showcases, and a robust networking infrastructure.

The Conclusion

Collcluster's UI/UX design journey with Identibrand stands as a testament to the successful marriage of collaboration and clustering. The platform not only fulfills its functional objectives but also resonates with the target audience, offering a visually engaging and intuitive experience. Lessons learned from this project underscore the importance of adaptability in the dynamic realm of social media UI/UX design, ensuring Collcluster remains a cutting-edge space for creative expression and collaboration. Identibrand takes pride in contributing to the evolution of Collcluster, where individual talents converge into a cohesive and dynamic digital community.

Design Thinking in Action:
Crafting Collcluster's User-Centric Experience

At Identibrand, the journey of conceptualizing and executing the UI/UX design for Collcluster was guided by the principles of Design Thinking – a human-centered approach that places empathy, ideation, and iteration at its core. This iterative methodology served as the compass, ensuring that the final product not only met functional requirements but resonated profoundly with the target audience.

  1. Empathize: Understanding User Needs and Aspirations
    The initial phase of Design Thinking involved extensive research to truly empathize with Collcluster's potential users. Identibrand delved into the minds of late teenagers and early adults, seeking to understand their desires, challenges, and aspirations in the realm of social collaboration. This empathetic understanding laid the groundwork for crafting a platform that would genuinely cater to their needs.

  2. Define: Problem Statement and User-Centric Goals
    With user insights in hand, Identibrand collaboratively defined the problem statement, encapsulating the challenges Collcluster aimed to address. The focus shifted to establishing user-centric goals, ensuring that each design decision served a purpose in enhancing the overall user experience. This phase set the project's trajectory, aligning design objectives with the aspirations of Collcluster's dynamic user base.

  3. Ideate: Creative Solutions and Conceptualization
    Design Thinking encourages uninhibited ideation, and Identibrand embraced this ethos to generate creative solutions for Collcluster. Brainstorming sessions led to the conceptualization of innovative features, dynamic user interfaces, and a visually engaging platform. The ideation phase became a playground for exploration, fostering a wealth of diverse ideas that would later be refined into tangible design elements.

  4. Prototype: Translating Ideas into Tangible Designs
    The ideation phase seamlessly transitioned into prototyping, where abstract concepts took shape as tangible UI/UX designs. Low-fidelity wireframes evolved into high-fidelity prototypes, providing a visual representation of Collcluster's future interface. This iterative process allowed for continuous refinement based on user feedback, ensuring that the design solutions were not only visually appealing but also functionally intuitive.

  5. Test: Iterative Refinement Based on User Feedback
    The essence of Design Thinking lies in continuous refinement through testing and feedback. Identibrand engaged in rigorous testing, gathering insights from potential Collcluster users. This iterative approach facilitated adjustments, enhancements, and fine-tuning of the user interface, ensuring that the final product resonated seamlessly with the target audience.

  6. Implement: Bringing the Vision to Life
    The culmination of the Design Thinking process was the implementation phase, where Identibrand translated the refined designs into a fully functional and aesthetically pleasing UI/UX for Collcluster. The collaborative efforts of the design team materialized into a digital space that seamlessly blended collaboration and clustering, offering users a visually engaging, intuitive, and dynamic platform.
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