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About Giddings Brewhaus

Giddings Brewhaus is located in Texas, and is the perfect mix between a restaurant and a local brewery.
In fact you can watch while they produced more than 14 different beers right there, beside your table. They have the look and feel and menu dishes of what they are, a combination of German roots with the living life of Texans.

The Challenges

Create an unconventional yet user-friendly website – innovative, with a clean and simple design that communicates brand values and showcases multi-media content. Mix the german roots with the Texas daily food.

  • Creating a memorable connection to the local community.
  • Honor their ancestors while feeling proud to be Texans.
  • Produce a high quality beer and restaurant service for a small town market.

Our Approach

We helped Giddings Brewhaus to position itself as a lifestyle brand that embraces the family values, the never eat alone promise and honoring roots while feeling proud texans.

We achieved this by building an identity around the celebration and the "let good times roll" feeling.

We created Giddings Brewhaus as a brand, with its own logo (with the simplified version of it with just the wording) and visual elements, thinking about the practical application of packagings, restaurant graphics and beer labels.

The Brand

"At Giddings Brewhaus, we take pride in being more than just a brewpub; we're a cultural fusion, blending German roots with the vibrant spirit of Texas.
Our innovative website design reflects our commitment to an unconventional yet user-friendly online experience.
As you explore our award-winning craft beers, crafted right beside your table in our in-house brewery, you'll find a celebration of family values and a promise that you never have to dine alone.

We honor our ancestors while embracing our Texan pride, creating an unforgettable experience for our local community.
Our branding journey is a testament to the success of our German-Texan fusion, as we've not only crafted high-quality beer but also a unique identity that extends from our logo to restaurant graphics and beer labels.
Join us in the celebration of good times, where culinary excellence meets brewing mastery in the heart of Giddings, Texas."

The Design Thinking Methodology in Action

Giddings Brewhaus wasn't just crafting beer, they were brewing a vibrant community experience. To translate their unique blend of Texan pride and German heritage into a cohesive brand identity, we embraced the power of Design Thinking. This human-centered approach became the lifeblood of every touchpoint, from the logo bubbling on a beer label to the warmth radiating from their website.

  1. Empathy & Immersion:
    Our journey began by stepping into the heart of Giddings. We sat at communal tables, savoring the hearty schnitzel and lively banter. We watched families toast with glasses overflowing with golden brews, witnessed seasoned brewers weaving their magic, and inhaled the aroma of hops mingling with spices. This immersive experience allowed us to truly understand their values, traditions, and aspirations.

  2. Define & Ideate:
    With a clear understanding of Giddings Brewhaus's soul, we facilitated brainstorming sessions with their passionate team. We mapped out their challenges: forging a connection with the local community, honoring ancestry while embracing Texan spirit, and delivering a premium experience in a small-town market. Through playful sketching, prototyping, and open discussions, a unifying theme emerged: "Let the Good Times Roll!" This mantra encapsulated the joyful spirit of celebration, family, and camaraderie that defines Giddings Brewhaus.

  3. Prototype & Refine:
    Armed with our theme and user insights, we embarked on a whirlwind of creation. The iconic logo, inspired by a Bavaria's emblem, evolved through multiple iterations, each capturing the essence of brewing heritage. The website transformed into a digital haven, echoing the warmth of the restaurant with high-quality photography. Every element, from the rustic charm of the brochure to the eye-catching billboard showcasing enjoyment, resonated with Giddings Brewhaus's unique story.

  4. Test & Optimize:
    Design Thinking is an iterative process. We launched the brand identity in phases, gathering feedback from patrons and the community. Their smiles and enthusiastic comments reassured us we were on the right track. The user-friendly website saw increased engagement, and social media posts resonated with locals hungry for a taste of "good times."

Beyond Design, a Community
Giddings Brewhaus is a testament to the power of Design Thinking. By prioritizing empathy, collaboration, and iterative refinement, we crafted a brand identity that goes beyond aesthetics. It's a living story, woven into every beer label, social media post, and warm smile across the table. It's an invitation to join a community where German roots and Texan spirit collide in a joyous celebration of life. So, come on down, raise a glass, and let the good times roll at Giddings Brewhaus!

“The identity created is more than just a look and feel. It’s a strategic tool that helps us to meet our most important objectives.
Our partnership with Identibrand has been really valuable right from the starting of our journey!”
Robert Zoch III
CEO anf Founder at Giddings Brewhaus
Giddings Brewhaus Web Design
Giddings Brewhaus Web Design
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