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About Surrogacy10

Surrogacy10 is a Surrogacy Agency located in the Inland Empire, California. With an extensible knowledge and experience, combined with a great compassion in a stress free process of helping people to build a family.

The Challenges

Surrogacy10 was founded by Dawn Bennett who have given birth to ten children through surrogacy by herself. Those experiences not only filled with joy and gratitude that she could help those struggling to start a family, but also provided her with extensive knowledge and experience to other surrogates and intended parents to ensure a stress-free, successful journey of their own. So the challenges for Surrogacy10 were:

  • Create a unique logo that identifies her among all her competitors in the area.
  • Define her Unique Selling Proposition based on her experience of being on their side 10 times!.
  • Develop more than design derivables, but a "journey together experience" with step by step communications, milestones, gifts and an open door culture agency.
  • Develop easy-to-find and easy-to-navigate mobile friendly website.

Our Approach

Our strategy and creative revolves around the idea that Dawn had been a surrogate mom for 10 times, a hard to beat record!. This purpose is reflected in her brand name, by including the number 10 on it.

An identity which has been rolled out across all aspects of her business, both printed and online, but also through tangible merchandising for every step of the surrogacy process.

The approach was to define the meaning of "helping in every step of building a family" claim and evolve her messaging and identity to make a direct emotional connection with their variety her audiences.

“Identibrand nailed it!!
their expertise, design and style were flawless! Amazing work ethic and efficiency made the process quick and simple!. I came out with a powerful logo and a beautiful website! They are passionate about their work which leads to quality service!.”
Dawn Bennett
CEO at Surrogacy10
Surrogacy10 Gift Bag Design
Surrogacy10 Gift Bag Design
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