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About THI

THI provides control solutions for buildings.
Their task begins with advising designers, helping to define the first guidelines and criteria of the necessary control system. They continue with the executive engineering and construction management, and culminate with the programming and commissioning of it.

The Challenges

Since the devices and softwares used in their industry are commodities, THI has to show its differential through its knowledge and efficiency, after so many years, and through the diversity of the projects in which it has participated. So the challenges for THI were:

  • Use their know-how for their Unique Selling Proposition.
  • Add exclusivity, professionalism and customization to the solutions for each particular project.
  • Become an industry authority.

Our Approach

The visual identity was born from the idea of of a subtle adjustment and the variety of options to solve a problem. This idea is expressed in the icon of the logotype through the curved lines representing these adjustments and the gradient color tones to be the variety of solutions for a single problem.

Driven by the ambition to bring cutting-edge innovation to the market, we created for THI packaging styles that evoke the quality of them products inside those boxes.

The role of this identity, brand experience and tone of voice is then to clarify these values of professionalism, listening to the client needs and the customization of each solution.

“They understood us from the start.
They were willing and able to think strategically and creatively about our brand and business. They uniquely saw beyond communications to the bigger picture.
Pablo Thiel
CEO at THI s.a.i.c.
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