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About ZochNet

ZochNet is an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in rural Texas.
They have 175+ towers all over Lee, Milam, Bastrop & Burleson Counties so they can now experience the same speeds as your average suburb.

The Challenges

Until ZochNet came along, residents that lived outside of the city limits had very few and often poor options when it came to getting internet for their home. Zochnet’s wireless internet services has been a game changer, allowing people to get high speed internet service out in the country. So the challenges for ZochNet were:

  • Explain the benefits of their technology against what was available at that time.
  • Make it easy to get in and get out if they want, no hidden fees, etc.
  • Prove that local people like them can bring a quality internet service.

Our Approach

The logo and the visual universe clearly refer to the connection between these areas forming the Z of ZochNet. We began by helping ZochNet to define its purpose: "To bring high-speed internet to rural Texas, by Texans".

Based on that, we created a dynamic brand architecture and go-to-market messages that enhanced ZochNet's competitive advantage: "For Texans, by Texans" and maximized the fact that now they can be heard because all of them are their neighbors.

Inspired by Zochnet’s purpose, we’ve designed visually stunning artwork to go along with captive storytelling that showcases the local impact of Zochnet’s technological promise. Our marketing campaign helps show their customers how Zochnet is positively impacting their community, building for a better tomorrow.

The Design Thinking Methodology in Action

As holders of master's degrees in graphic design and branding, our team injected strategic creativity into ZochNet's brand architecture. We followed a meticulous Design Thinking methodology to transform challenges into opportunities:

  1. Empathize:
    Deep-diving into ZochNet's challenges and the aspirations of rural Texans, we empathized with their need for reliable high-speed internet.

  2. Define:
    With insights in hand, we defined the core purpose: "To bring high-speed internet to rural Texas, by Texans." This served as the guiding beacon for our design journey.

  3. Ideate:
    In this phase, our multidisciplinary team unleashed their creativity, generating a myriad of design concepts that encapsulated ZochNet's vision and values.

  4. Prototype:
    Translating the chosen concepts into tangible prototypes, we brought the designs to life, ensuring they resonated with ZochNet's identity and mission.

  5. Test:
    The prototypes underwent rigorous testing, involving user feedback and iterative refinements. This phase ensured that our designs not only met but exceeded user expectations.
“I've been working with Diego for more than 20 years!
So when I started my own company. I had no doubt who should manage my design and marketing!. He delivers professional work on time every single time.”
Robert Zoch III
CEO at ZochNet
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