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ManoCosmica is jewelry school based on Buenos Aries, Argentina.
They have been teaching hand crafted jewelry for almost a decade. Expanding their business to the digital area with online and printed tutorials but also providing the sales of supplies.


We helped ManoCosmica to tell a story big enough to inspire the kind of entrepreneur mindset that it is needed to reconnect its customers with their beading passion. Building upon the powerful idea of endless possibilities, freedom to work in what you love, we were asked to develop a new logo, visual identity, tone of voice and teaching environment that bring to life an experience that is clear and confident, yet welcoming and engaging.
ManoCosmica was facing these challenges:

  • To build a community (big family type) around their students.
  • Keep on innovating in techniques and supplies to become an authority in this field.
  • Make their students return and be updated in what ManoCosmica can offer after they finish a course.
ManoCosmica Business Cards
Hot Stamped Business Cards
“When we started we were looking for a logo, but they became a key partner for us by consistently creating eye catching experiences that reflect the core of our brand promise.”
Valery Smith
Founder of ManoCosmica

Our Approach

We explored the category’s trends and benchmark brands to understand and define ManoCosmica's opportunity. We found that none of their competitors were talking about the hand-made attribute. They all were identifying themselves as a jewelry brand, becoming a commodity. Therefore we decided that the unique look and feel of ManoCosmica's brand should be based on "elaborated hand-made jewelry". That's why the brand logo is composed on an icon evoking the highly detailed elaborated designs and the font name chosen represented the hand-made attribute. When combined it creates a distinctive, consistent and memorable brand expression.
ManoCosmica Social Media Posts
Different type of Social Media Posts
ManoCosmica Students Bag
Students Bag upon subscription to a course
ManoCosmica Printed Step by Step Tutorials
Step by Step Tutorials by ManoCosmica (cover)
ManoCosmica Printed Step by Step Tutorials
Step by Step Tutorials by ManoCosmica (inside pages)
ManoCosmica Supplies Kits Tag
Supplies Kits Tag
ManoCosmica Classroom Mugs
Classroom Mugs for Students
ManoCosmica Gift/Sales Packaging
Gift and Sales Packaging
ManoCosmica Supplies Website
Supplies Division Website